HIDE FROM EVIL Mood Music day 29: Patty Griffin’s Rain

Rain from Patty Griffin’s 1000 Kisses album still makes me choke up every time I hear it. How could I not, with lines like:

It’s hard to listen to a hard hard heart/beating close to mine/pounding up against the stone and steal/walls that I won’t climb

easy to see how it made me think of Sean and Krista, right?

  • October 20, 2011

HIDE FROM EVIL Mood Music Day 28: Nine Inch Nails

I first heard this song,  A WARM PLACE on the Natural Born Killers Soundtrack.  It is the perfect backdrop for writing an angty, emotionally intense scene.


  • October 18, 2011

HIDE FROM EVIL Mood Music day 27: More Foo Fighters

Today’s selection is TIRED OF  YOU, which was a fantastic mood setting song for this book. And it asks the question that reverberates through every great romance novel:

“Is this just desire or the truth?”


  • October 18, 2011

HIDE FROM EVIL Day 26: Tori Amos

Okay, she may not seem an obvious fit with all the Alice in Chains, NIN, and Pearl Jam, and Tori’s lyrics tend to wander all over the place, but as I was writing this book, lines from this song kept reverberating through my head:

Inside my head the noise/chatter chatter chatter chatter chatter

Kind of fits both characters…

Plus, Tori freakin’ rocks 🙂


  • October 17, 2011
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