HIDE FROM EVIL Mood Music Day 20: Shawn Colvin and More AIC

Today is another twofer, since I was busy with things like swim lessons, playdates, and a fancy dinner of burritos with my 4 and 6 year olds.

First, we have 84,000 Different Delusions by Shawn Colvin


Next, we have…wait for it… more Alice In Chains. I know you’re shocked!


  • October 7, 2011

HIDE FROM EVIL Mood Music Day 19: The Fray Covers Kanye

I’m not a juge fan of the Fray or Kanye West, but somehow, I find the Fray’s cover of Kanye’s “Heartless” is close to perfection. Plus, the almost mournful delivery by Fray lead singer Isaac Slade perfectly suited the mood of this book.

  • October 4, 2011

HIDE FROM EVIL Mood Music Day 18: Jami Gets Sucked In By Twilight Commercials

As I was delving into Hide From Evil, commercials for the third Twilight movie was in heavy rotation, featuring LETTERS FROM THE SKY by Civil Twilight. Though I’m not usually one for this flavor of emo music (I like my emo a little edgier, ala NIN), I couldnt’ stop thinking about this song as I was starting Sean and Krista’s story. Especially these lines, which I think sum up Krista and Sean’s connection despite everything that has happened in the past:

You and I were made for this/I was made to taste your kiss/we were made to never fall away

  • October 4, 2011

Exclusive Excerpt: PRIVATE PARADISE

New readers know my for my dark, edgy romantic suspense, but when I first started out, I wrote super sexy contemporary romance.  No guns, no serial killers, no stalkers (okay, maybe in one book).  Just a sexy alpha hero, a smart, sassy heroine, and an emotional, sexy love story.

After delving into some very dark, villainous psyches in my last few books, I had a strong urge to get back to my roots. So recently, in addition to working on RUN FROM FEAR, I’ve also been working on a fun, sexy contemporary that will be available soon as an e-book.  Fans of my book PRIVATE PARTY will recognize some familiar faces and places. And I hope new readers will enjoy a lighter side of Jami Alden.

I’ll send an announcement as soon as it’s available. In the meantime, here’s a little something to whet your appetite!



Chapter 1

This could not be happening.

That was all Carla DeLuca could think as she stared, dumbstruck, at the man in front of her. The Caribbean breeze ruffled night dark hair that was much shorter than she remembered. His lean features had become bolder, more chiseled, and his broad-shouldered lanky form had filled out substantially. Despite the differences, she had known his face the instant she’d laid eyes on him. Even after over a decade, there was no mistaking those blue eyes, startling against his jet black lashes and brows.

Eyes that crinkled at the corners as he offered a friendly, if guarded smile, and didn’t do a damn thing to help her unglue her tongue from the roof of her mouth.

“Isn’t it amazing?” Her cousin Chris’s laughing voice broke through her daze, and she focused on his smiling face as he clapped the other man on the shoulder. “Who would have ever thought we’d hire Sam O’Connell as head of security?”

“Amazing,” Carla murmured. Mentally steeling herself, she forced herself to meet Sam’s eyes. The effect of those laser blue eyes meeting hers was only slightly less jolting than it had been two minutes ago, when she’d arrived on the terrace of Holley Cay’s dining room to see what Chris’s big surprise was.

After a two month search for someone to head up security at Holley Cay, the exclusive Caribbean resort Chris had started nearly a decade ago which Carla now managed, Chris had found the perfect candidate.

Sam O’Connell.

A man who Carla could happily go to her grave never laying eyes on again.

“Sam,” Carla repeated. “You hired Sam to head up our security,” she said, as though she expected Chris to change his answer, like it was all some horrible joke.

But Chris had no clue what had gone on between Sam and Carla during that hot Las Vegas summer, and if he did, he’d never be so cruel as to pull something like this.

“It’s great to see you again, Carla,” Sam said. His expression gave nothing away, but his voice, still raspy and even deeper than it had been at twenty-one, had the same maddening impact as it always did, curling around her like a warm blanket and sending a little flutter of need to her core. “You look even better than the last time I saw you.”

Not much of a stretch, considering the last time he saw her she was a sobbing mess, practically bent double in pain from the blow he’d just delivered to her heart.

Still, as she felt his admiring gaze roam over her, she was glad she’d had her monthly Brazilian Blowout just yesterday so her psychotically curly hair hung down her back in silky waves and that her short, silky dress showed off arms and legs that were slim and toned from hours on the running trail and thousands of reps in the gym.

That’s right. Take a long look at what you gave up, everything you’ve been missing, she thought.

Then it hit her again, how easily he’d been able to walk away. He hadn’t missed a goddamn thing. The memory of his smirk and the cruel glint in his blue eyes was enough to get her hormones in check and straighten her spine.

She was no longer an eighteen-year-old girl caught under the spell of a seductive bad boy. She was almost thirty years old, in charge of a multi-million dollar operation. And, if Sam and Chris had their way, Sam’s boss.

Right. Maybe when hell froze over.


  • October 3, 2011

HIDE FROM EVIL Mood Music Day 17: Scott Miller and Patty Griffin

Unfortunately I can’t find a version of this online, but I’ve posted the lyrics below.  It’s very sad, but very romantic, and represents the kind of long lasting love I like to think all of my characters find.

Can you hear me crying?
I’m right here, my love
The unknown is frightening
I’m right here, my love
Worlds far apart can’t separate us
And I can hear you crying
I’m right here, my love

Can you taste my kiss?
I’m right here, my love
I wish life was endless
I’m right here, my love
But living costs something and pay it we must
But I will keep your kiss
I’m right here, my love

Can you feel me tremble?
I’m right here, my love
Does it feel like you remember?
I’m right here my love
The future’s assured in the pulse of our blood
I can feel you tremble
I’m right here, my love

Can you sit closer?
I’m right here, my love
Now watch me pass over
I’m right here, my love
We did not give in and we did not give up
I’ll watch you cross over
I’m right here, my love

Can you hear me crying?
I’m right here, my love
Thunder and lightning
I’m right here, myl ove
Worlds far apart can’t separate us
And I can hear you crying

I’m right here, my love


  • October 2, 2011

HIDE FROM EVIL Mood Music Day 16: It’s a twofer!

Sorry for the lack of music yesterday. I was running around like maniac  – cooking in my first grader’s classroom, playdate with my 4 year old, then back to school for flag football. The first song for today is another great from Pearl Jam: WHY GO, from the album 10.


and second – and I know you’ll shocked – more Alice in Chains! Today’s AIC fix is Hate to Feel



  • October 1, 2011