There was a time when Ellie Tanner wanted nothing more than a simple life in Big Timber with the love of her life, Damon Decker. But after Damon broke her heart and crushed her dreams, Ellie couldn’t get out of town fast enough. Twelve years later, Ellie is back, and life is nothing like she’d once imagined At age 30, she is widowed, broke, and a single parent to a 5 year old son. Humiliated after discovering that her “Wizard of Wall Street” husband had swindled his clients out of billions of dollars, Ellie is forced to move back in with her mother until she can get her life back on track. When she’d forced to work closely with Damon, Ellie tries to ignore the powerful attraction still simmering between them. But it doesn’t take long before she finds herself once again under Damon’s spell. .

There was a time when Damon believed Ellie wanted the same things he did – to get married and raise a family in Big Timber. But her move to New York and marriage to a Wall Street high flyer proved that the life Ellie really wanted was nothing Damon could ever give her. As far as he’s concerned, Ellie Tanner did him a favor when she dumped him cold all those years ago. Then Ellie shows up back in town, looking more beautiful than ever, sending Damon’s blood – and his heart – racing. But he learned the hard way not to count on a future with Ellie. While he may not be able to keep his hands off her, this time he knows better than to let himself fall for her all over again. Until he’s forced to admit that when it comes to it comes to loving Ellie, he doesn’t have a choice.

“The perfect balance of emotion and romance.” - NYT Bestselling Author, Maya Banks


To Special Ops soldier Dylan Decker, spending a month in his home town of Big Timber, Montana while he recovers from an injury sounds like torture. After ten years as an elite operator, asking him to live a civilian life – even temporarily – is like asking him to live on another planet. All he cares about is getting cleared for duty and getting back to his team. Then temptation appears in the form he least expects it.

Sadie Thornton’s life has been on hold since she had to move back to Big Timber to help her ailing father. She can’t wait to get back to her life and career in California, away from a father who never got over the disappointment that Sadie wasn’t born a boy. Then Dylan Decker, who never noticed her for anything but her brains, rolls back into town. Sadie can’t wait to show her high school crush that she’s nothing like the girl he remembers.

Dylan can hardly believe Sadie’s transformation from the awkward, skinny girl he remembers. But while she’s changed in ways that make his hands itch to explore her newfound curves, inside she’s still the sweet, vulnerable girl who followed him around with her heart in her eyes. Not the kind of woman who can have a temporary, no strings affair without getting hurt. And right now, that’s all he has to offer.

But it isn’t long before temptation overwhelms Dylan’s good intentions, and what starts out as a casual fling quickly becomes so much more. And when everything falls to pieces, Sadie is the only one who can help Dylan put it all back together.

“Jami Alden always takes you on a wild ride!” - NYT Bestselling Author, Catherine Coulter


He’s a bad boy looking to change his ways… She’s a good girl who wants take a walk on the wild side…

Molly Tanner thought she’d found the perfect man to give her the life she always dreamed of: marriage, kids, and a house with a white picket fence where they would all live happily ever after. Only to have her dream shattered by a devastating betrayal.

Thankfully she knows just the man to help heal her wounds. With his drop dead gorgeous face, big body rippling with muscles, and heated looks that promise pleasure beyond her wildest dreams, sexy chef Brady McManus is temptation incarnate. A night with him is just the thing to help her get over her ex. As long as she remembers to keep her heart locked up tight.

Brady McManus is used to women only wanting one thing from him, and he’s been more than happy to provide it. Until he met the woman of his dreams. Except for the part where she was engaged to another man.

Molly Tanner, with her angel’s face and a body made for sin, has been tying him in knots since the moment he first laid eyes on her. Now she’s in his arms, telling him she wants what he has to give.

But she has no idea that what he wants to give her is… everything.

“Hot and emotionally charged, Jami Alden always delivers.” - NYT Bestselling Author, Shannon McKenna


Growing up Colleen Murphy was the girl who seemed to have it all. Pretty, smart, and popular, she had everything going for her. Now she’s back in her hometown of Big Timber, licking her wounds from a bitter divorce, mourning the death of her father, and trying to dig her mother out from under a mountain of debt. With her dreams of raising a family with a devoted husband in tatters, the last thing she’s looking to do is to get involved with another man. 

Until she runs into JT Osborn, and discovers that the awkward, chubby teenager she remembers has transformed into the hottest thing in cowboy boots she’s ever laid eyes on.
Tall, built, and flashing a smile that makes her melt, JT stirs up a desire she thought had died along with her marriage. He’s the perfect friend with benefits to help her get over her ex, but she’ll never let him be anything more. 

Like every guy in high school, rancher JT Osborn had a serious crush on Colleen Murphy. Back then, he could only admire her from afar, but now she’s ready for him to get up close and personal. He’s happy to do whatever it takes to put a smile back on her face. But before long, what started as fulfilling his high school fantasies has turned into much more. Now JT is out to prove that her dreams of a husband and kids aren’t dead. She can still have everything she ever wanted… with him. 


Turn Up The Heat

Finding her brand-new husband in flagrante delicto with another woman wasn’t part of Julie Driscoll’s plan for her lavish wedding reception. Now she’s a bride without a groom–but she’s determined to have a wedding night with someone. Her cheating husband’s gorgeous brother will do just fine. Chris Dennison is everything his brother isn’t, and his hard body is the stuff the steamiest sexual fantasies are made of. . .

Let’s Get This Party Started

Chris isn’t about to turn her down. After five years of dreaming about her, the chance to touch Julie’s delectably luscious body is too tempting to resist. And when she follows him to the tropical resort he’s built from the ground up, she insists hot, wet, skin-to-skin pleasure is all he wants. Now he just has to convince her that he wants more. . .

“ A fantastic story that will keep you hot and bothered.” - Romantic Times Book Reviews


After years of catering to the whims of the rich and famous at one of the Caribbean’s most luxurious resorts, there isn’t much that can rattle Carla DeLuca. Until Sam O’Connell shows up.

Tall, dark, and sexy, Holley Cay’s new security chief is no stranger. He’s the irresistible bad boy who seduced her over a long, hot summer only to leave her heartbroken, humiliated, and determined to never again fall for a player like him. But though her heart still stings with the memory of his rejection, her body can’t forget the all-consuming pleasure of his touch.

Sam never forgave himself for his too cruel rejection of Carla over a decade before. Young, reckless, and convinced it was only a matter of time Carla regretted hooking up with a trouble maker like him, Sam pushed Carla away before she could realize her mistake. But when Sam lands a job working for Carla in paradise, he seizes the chance to finally make things right.

When a hurricane strands them alone on the island, Carla is unable to resist the passion simmering between them. She doesn’t fool herself that what they have will last past the storm. But little does she know, Sam will do whatever it takes to make her his – forever this time.

“Alden can wring every emotion from her characters.” - Romantic Times Book Reviews


Wendy Carmichael’s career as a high-powered attorney leaves her little time for a love – or sex – life. She has a broken engagement to prove it.  With everything she’s worked for on the line, she can’t afford to be distracted -especially not by Drew Walker.  The first time she laid eyes on the brash, cocky millionaire five years ago Wendy knew that giving into the chemistry sparking between them could only lead to trouble. But when they’re thrown together at a party in paradise, his wicked smile and rock hard body draw her like a moth to a flame.  Convincing herself one night of indulgence can’t hurt, Wendy decides to find out once and for all if being with Drew is as hot as she’s always imagined.

But Drew isn’t satisfied with just one night, and neither is Wendy.

When Drew proposes a no holds barred, no strings attached affair that will end when he moves across the country, Wendy can’t say no. Yet as the nights pass, each hotter than the last, Wendy discovers that what she thought was casual is anything but, and has potential to be so much more. Now she fears that when cocky, too sexy for his own good Drew walks out of her life, she’ll be saying goodbye to the man of her dreams.  

"A fantastically sexy battle of wills between a hero and heroine who are equals in every sense of the word. A smoking hot read!" - USA Today bestseller Victoria Dahl


Former Green Beret Daniel “Deck” Decker has spent the last five years keeping A-List actress Jane Bowden’s body safe – and his hands to himself. A professional to the core, Deck would never mix business with pleasure, especially when Jane has always kept the relationship strictly business. But that all changes one hot night when Jane, dealt a blow by the tabloids, turns to Deck for comfort. What starts as a consoling embrace quickly turns passionate, and Deck’s long simmering desire can no longer be controlled. But when harsh reality intrudes, any hope Deck has that their steamy night is the start of a new chapter in their relationship is demolished.

Jane Bowden is used to living her life under a microscope. But in the wake of a very public divorce where Jane was made to look – and feel – very much the fool, she’s even more careful not to make any wrong moves. She knows that if the press finds out she’s sleeping with her bodyguard, they’ll paint her as the pathetic woman on the rebound and Deck as a scheming opportunist. But before Jane can talk to Deck about when and how they can reveal the truth, Deck quits. Heartbroken, Jane realizes that while she thought this was the start of something real, Deck only wanted a one night stand.

But when disaster strikes and Jane’s most secret fantasies are leaked to the press, Deck is determined to convince Jane that the key to her happiness is making her private passions a reality.

"Like all of Jami's books, Private Pleasures is sexy, hot, and full of emotion. I loved watching the sparks fly between Wendy & Drew!" - NYT Bestselling Author, Bella Andre